Martin Fleming (Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars)       

Martin has played guitar for many years, learning his craft in a succession of club bands before moving on to play in the successful Beatle Tribute Band, SHOUT. From here he received a call to join Denis de' lls Honeycombes where he stayed for 2 years, until an offer of a season in Portugal's Algarve Montechoro House Band was taken up. After a successful season in the sun Martin was offered a permanent roll so he stayed for 3 years, soaking up the sun and Sangrila. On returning to Blighty, he joined top tribute band The MERSEYBEAT LEGENDS.

In 2010, Lee Herbert of Wingsbanned contacted Martin with a new venture - MY GENERATION! This would be 60's speciality band with none other than Johnny Heywood and Gary Davis making up the new line up. When keys player Ann-Mari dropped out at the last minute prior to a trip to the States, Martin plugged in his guitar synth and climbed aboard.